Laudescher LINEA 4.2.4 Lite – Wall Cladding


WEIGHTED INDEX : αw = 0,90

Wall cladding
Mechanical fixing by screwing:
– Selon DTU 36-2
– Selon NF EN 14915

Additional information

Cross-section of slats

42 mm (face) x 20 mm (height)

Spacing between slats

43.71 mm

Centre distance of slats

85.71 mm

Black rear counter-slats

34 x 45 mm

Overall thickness

55 mm

Wood species

Pine, oak, douglas fir

Surface mass (pine)

7,8 kg/m²

Surface mass (oak)

9,1 kg/m²

Surface mass (douglas fir)

7,6 kg/m²

Openness percentage

58 %

Rear Surface

Rear surface : acoustic mineral wool tiles 2,4 kg/m2 surfaced with black fleece facing (format 600 x 600 mm ; 20 or 22 mm thickness)
Not supplied by Laudescher

Acoustic Results

Acoustic absorption was measured as per the ISO 354 standard. The various data relating to acoustic absorption (αp, αw, absorption class) have been calculated in compliance with the ISO 11654 standard (LINEA + acoustic supplement).

Acoustic 4-2-4-lite-wall