Newsletters: January 2020

Central Connecticut State University

Top Project - January 2020

Two Auditoriums of the Central Connecticut State University have been completely renovated.

The TOPAKUSTIK® wall cladding ensures comfortable room acoustics. The ambitious design was implemented by aslope mounted planks.
All planks were cut at an 45° angle on site and installed with a fine joint.

As you can see: With a special layout and skilled laying and installation work, even «simple» TOPAKUSTIK® planks can be used to create a very unique and distinctive room.

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Object: Central Connecticut State University, USA
Architect: Tai Soo Kim Partners, Hartford USA
Type: TOPAKUSTIK® Planks type 13/3 M, Beech steamed veneered, natural lacquered
Area: Approx. 120 m2
Customer: SGB Acoustics LLC, Crofton USA
Impressions: SGB Acoustics LLC, Crofton USA