Newsletters: June 2020

Top Project - June 2020

The Baptist MD Cancer Center was a beautiful TOPPERFO® Micro plank job in a rich American Walnut Veneer. On this project, we utilized different plank lengths and carefully scheduled the location in which they were to be installed to ensure any slight color variations between the different veneer lengths would not be perceived. Curved panels with micro-perforations were supplied for the chapel (image 3). These were shipped to the site flat and provided oversized to allow the contractor maximum flexibility for site conditions as field measurements were not available at the time of production.

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Object: Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA
Architect: HKS Architects, USA
Type: TOPPERFO® Planks type Micro, MDF american Walnut veneered, natural lacquered & Plain/solid planks, MDF american Walnut veneered, natural lacquered
Area: approx. 310 m2
Customer: SGB Acoustics LLC, USA
Impressions: Tom Harris Photography, USA