Newsletters: March 2020

Ecole de la Sarraz, CH

Top Project - March 2020

Since the beginning of the school year in August 2019, the school in la Sarraz has been attended by 800 students from 7 different townships. The architecture office Oeschger Schermesser from Zurich selected larch veneer panels for the corridors to create a warm atmosphere. The acoustics were solved with TOPPERFO® Type M, perforation 16/16/6: As wall panels on the one hand, and as student locker doors on the other hand.

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Object: Ecole de la Sarraz, La Sarraz, CH
Architect: Oeschger Schermesser Architekten, Zürich CH
Type: TOPPERFO® Panel type M, Perforation 16/16/6, Resap, Larch veneered, natural lacquered
Area: Approx. 245 m2
Year: 2019
Customer: J. Bodenmann SA, La Brassus CH
Impressions: NH Akustik + Design AG, Lungern CH