Newsletters: November 2023

Top Project November 2023

Top Project - November 2023

The “old armoury” in Stans has a long and eventful history.
It was built in 1666 as an armoury and was used for almost 300 years as an armoury for the canton of Nidwalden.
In 1959, it was converted into the state archives, and because archiving is becoming more and more digital, it was put to a new, third use after a good 60 years.

Today, the “old armoury” belongs to the Office of Culture and the attic is now used by it for meetings and discussions with architects and clients.
The building is under both cantonal and federal protection, so the conversion had to meet strict specifications.
The local architectural firm Plus Architekten AG implemented these specifications very skilfully: with the light birch wood, an exciting contrast was introduced to the refreshed, traditional roof truss.

In order to also improve the room acoustically, we were allowed to provide the birch wood panels with the barely visible micro-perforation and deliver them to our client, the company Kayser Holzbau AG in Oberdorf. The installation was carried out to perfection by their team.

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Object: Topakustik Micro
Architect: Plus Architekten AG, Stans CH
Type: MDF Birch veneered, raw
Impressions: Christian Hartmann, CH