Newsletters: April 2022


Top Project - April 2022

In the municipality of Hesperingen in Luxembourg, a primary school for 180 children aged 6 – 12 was realised as part of the expansion of the “Alzingen Rothweit II” neighbourhood.

The building offers many opportunities for movement in the class areas and the lounge, which in a school is of course synonymous with “increased sound level”!
The chosen TOPAKUSTIK planks type 13/3 M reduce this sound level, but also withstand the physical demands of the children. In addition, they meet the required fire protection standard of fire retardant B-s1,d0, and also look good with the warm wood veneer in European oak – but see for yourself!
We are very pleased that we were able to produce the wall and ceiling cladding for this project.

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Object: Primary school, Alzingen LUX
Architect: Beiler François Fritsch, Luxembourg LUX
Type: TOPAKUSTIK Plank type 13/3 M, MDF Oak veneered, natural lacquered
Customer: Prefalux Construction S.A., Junglinster LUX
Impressions: ©Andrés Lejona