Newsletters: June 2021


Top Project - June 2021

The National Art Gallery is an art museum located in Athens, Greece. It is devoted to Greek and European art from the 14th century to the 20th century.
The newly renovated building reopened after an 8 year refurbishment, on 24 March 2021, a day before the 200th anniversary of the Greek War of Independence.

The gallery exhibitions are mainly focused on post-Byzantine Greek Art. The gallery owns and exhibits also an extensive collection of European artists. Particularly valuable is the collection of paintings from the Renaissance. TOPAKUSTIK® 30/2M in Oak veneer finish, was used in the large main entrance/lobby area, as well as to different transition areas and also as the main Restaurant’s ceiling. The ceiling design of the above areas, was a very contemporary and demanding one, with many different levels, different slopes, crossing directions of the planks with integrated special lighting ‘boxes’, flush, recessed and also protruding, creating a very beautiful and impressive ceiling.

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Object: National Gallery - Alexandros Soutsos Museum
Architect: George Parmenidis + Cristine Longuepee Architects, Athen GR
Type: TOPAKUSTIK® Planks type 30/2 M, MDF Oak veneered, natural lacquered
Year: 2020
Customer: Quality Ltd., Athen GR
Impressions: Quality Ltd., Athen GR