Newsletters: June 2024

Top Project June 2024

Top Project - June 2024

We are thrilled to contribute to a company’s vibrant new space with our 29/3M Oak Melamine planks, creating a welcoming atmosphere in the reception area. The Planks are installed in a random layout, a very optimized use of the material. The edge details are made with type 1 in the same color and on some areas with the type 21 an aluminum finish with a 45° angle. The installation, with the turning clips, allows the product to be reused in the future. Our planks cover the walls and then and continue on to the ceiling, providing acoustic treatment for the open area.

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Object: Topakustik Classic 29/3 M
Architect: Graham Smith Architects, USA
Type: MDF melamine Oak M3280 NTL
Impressions: Chad Baumer Photography, USA