Newsletters: June 2023


Top Project - June 2023

Gensler Architects designed the sound-absorbing ceilings of the conference rooms in this law firm in Atlanta, USA, into captivating design elements. The six ceiling panels, covered with American walnut veneer, seamlessly align horizontally with the surrounding gypsum-smoothed ceilings. The vertical spacing measures 125mm, while the factory-mitered bordering maintains a consistent height of 75mm all around. This arrangement creates a sense of detachment, giving the ceiling panels the appearance of suspended furniture. The rounded corners enhance the overall impression of these distinctive design features, particularly when paired with the sideboards crafted with the same American walnut veneer.

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Architect: Gensler, Atlanta USA
Type: American Walnut veneered, natural lacquered
Impressions: Katie Bricker @katiebrickerphotography