Newsletters: May 2020

Top Project - May 2020

The 20-stories Hong Kong Scout Centennial Building is the administration building of the Scouts of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Scout movement was founded in 1909, just a few years after it started in ancient England. Today, the Scouts in Hong Kong have over 100,000 members. The organization is not only committed to promoting young people, but also operates 5 camping grounds and several hostels in Hong Kong.
In addition to the administration, the new building also accommodates a training center including an auditorium, as well as the Scout Shop and the Scout Library.
For sound absorption in the auditorium, more than 1,300 m2 of TOPAKUSTIK® type
14/2 M slats were installed. The upper side walls are fanned out. The LED lighting inserted on the back works glare-free for the lecturer. The installation system used was proprietary TOPAKUSTIK® H2-system, providing excellent flatness and accuracy to the planks.

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Object: Hong Kong Scout Centennial Building, HK
Architect: Palmer & Turner Group, HK
Type: TOPAKUSTIK® Plank type 14/2 M, MDF Alpi Oak covered, natural lacquered & TOPAKUSTIK® Plank type 14/2 M, MDF Oak veneered, natural lacquered
Area: Approx. 1380 m2
Customer: Maxna Limited, HK
Impressions: Andermax (H.K.) Limited, HK